Thank you for visiting our website. 
I am József Grega Electrical Engineer, Managing Director of KARLWOOD Kft.

I started my carrier at the Department of Electrical Engineering-Electronics of Miskolc University where I spent almost 10 years as lecturer. Later on I gained experience in the chemical industry (Kazincbarcika, Framochem Kft., electrical designer then Sajóbábony, Észak-magyarországi Vegyiművek, Head of Technical Department), but I worked as an IT specialist and senior software engineer as well.

I have been directing KARLWOOD Kft. since 1 January 2012. 

I am focusing on two targets: 
1. to support the company by more pillars
The existing pillars are:
- installation of filling and packaging lines as a subcontractor of  KRONES company
- manufacture of filling and packaging lines 
- operation of filling and packaging lines
2. In addition to retaining and strengthening the aforementioned activities, we would like to add to new ones to our existing profile composed of filling and packaging machines for beverages, e.g. building engineering and electrical installation works, making manufacturing more general, etc.
I hope we can greet you among our partners soon.
Thank you for your kind attention! 
József Grega 
Managing Director